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General Terms and Conditions
The contract made on the basis of this document will not be recorded (it will not be accessible afterwards). It will be concluded only in electronic form, it is not a written contract, it is written in English and it does not refer to a code of conduct. If you have questions about the operation of the web shop and your order process, please contact us via the contact details provided.
This „general terms and conditions” is available on the following webpage:
1. Data of the provider
Name of the Service Provider: Knitwear Studio KFT.
Registered Office: Kálvária Sgt. 87/A, 6725 Szeged, Hungary
E-mail address for contacting users:,,
Company telephone number: +381693323521
29276617-2-06, HU29276617
Name and address of the domain provider:, LLC, Headquarters: 14455 N. Hayden Rd., Ste. 226, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA, Phone: 020 7084 1810, E-mail:
2. Terms of Purchase
2.1. The Customer is obliged to provide his/her real data at the time of purchase. In the event of false or personally identifiable information provided during purchase, the resulting electronic contract will be considered void. The Service Provider disclaims any liability if the Customer makes use of its services on behalf of another person with the data of another person.
2.2. The Service Provider shall not be liable for delivery delays or other problems or errors due to incorrect and/or inaccurate data provided by the Customer.
3. Available products
3.1. Displayed products can only be ordered online. The prices displayed for the products are in Euro (EUR) and include the statutory VAT.
3.2. In the web shop, the Service Provider details the name, description and picture of the product. The images shown on the product data sheet may be different from the actual ones and may be used for illustration purposes.
3.3. If the wrong price is displayed on the website – despite the due diligence of the Service Provider – and the price is obviously incorrect, the Service Provider is not required to confirm the product at the wrong price, especially if there is a significant difference. The Service Provider shall not be obliged to deliver the product at the incorrect price, but may offer the delivery at the correct price, in the knowledge of which the Customer may refuse to make the purchase.
4. Ordering process
4.1. The user sets the number of the product/products to buy.
4.2. The user places the selected products in the cart. Users can view the cart content at any time by clicking the "cart" icon.
4.3. If the User wants to place more products in his/her cart then he/she can continue shopping. If he/she does not want to buy more products, check the number of products he/she want to buy. Click the " X"; icon to clear the cart content. To finalize the quantity, click on the "update/update basket" icon.
4.4. If the User updated the cart then he/she should click on the „Proceed to checkout“ button.
4.5. The user fills the delivery address and then selects the delivery / payment method, which types are as follows:
4.5.1. Payment methods:
Online by credit card: The user has the possibility to pay the total value of the order online, by credit card through the secure payment system of the financial service provider used by the Service Provider.
4.5.2. Shipping cost are the following:
Our company uses the services of the GLS company for deliveries. For the territory of the European Union the delivery is free of charge. Customers who are ordering outside of the European Union can check and calculate the approximate amount of the delivery costson the following link: 
 4.6. There is lack or imperfection in connection with the products or prices in the webshop, we reserve the rights for correction. In such a case we inform the customer about the new data immediately after the recognition or modification. Afterwards, the customer can confirm the order again, or has a chance to rescind the contract.
4.7. The total sum contains all the charges according to the totalizing of the order and the letter of confirmation. The bill is included in the package. The user is obliged to check the package at delivery before the courier and in case of possible damage to products or packaging, he or she is obliged to request a record and in case of damage the package is not obliged to take over. Subsequent, non-recorded complaint by the Service Provider does not accept it! Packages are delivered on business days between 8 am and 4 pm.
4.8. Once you have entered the data, you can submit your order by clicking on the "Order/Send order" button, but you can check the details provided before, or send a comment to your order or email us any other ordering wishes.
4.9. The user acknowledges with the order that his payment obligation arises.
4.10. Correcting Input: The user can return to the previous phase before completing the order process, where the input data can be corrected.
4.11. The user/customer gets an email of confirmation after sending the order, which does not give rise to contract. If this e-mail does not arrive within an expectable deadline –depending on the profile of the service- or at latest within 48 hours, the user is relieved of the bid fixity or contractual duty. The Provider excludes the blame of confirmation, if the confirmation does not arrive in time because the user/customer has given wrong email address.
5. Processing of the order
5.1. Orders are processed during opening hours. In addition to the times specified for processing the order, it is possible to place the order after the end of the working day and it will then be processed the next day. The Service Provider's customer service will always confirm by electronic means when the order can be fulfilled.
5.2. The general deadline for delivery is 10 working days.
5.3. According to the contract of sale, the Service Provider shall transfer the ownership of the product and the Customer shall pay the purchase price and receive the product.
5.4. If the product is not provided in time by the Service Provider, the Customer has the right to set a deadline for a replacement. If the seller fails to perform within the grace period, the Customer is entitled to cancel the contract.
5.5. The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without specifying an additional term, if:
a) the Service Provider has refused to perform the contract; or
b) the contract is not fulfilled in accordance with the agreement within a specified period of time.
5.6. If the Service Provider cannot accomplish the contractual obligation because the product/or any of its components was not available, the Service Provider is obliged to inform the Customer right away and to refund the sum paid by the Customer at once.
6. Waiver clause
6.1. The Consumer can rescind in 14 days from the date of delivery and return the ordered product(s) with no explanation.
6.3. The Consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal between the date of conclusion of the contract and the date of receipt of the product.
6.4. The cost of returning the product must be borne by the Consumer.
6.5. In the event that the right of withdrawal is exercised, the Consumer will not be charged, other than for the cost of returning the product.
6.6. The Consumer shall have no right of withdrawal in the case of a non-prefabricated product which has been manufactured at the consumer's request or at the express request of the Consumer, or which is clearly personalised for the Consumer.
6.7. The Service Provider shall refund the paid amount, including the shipping fee, to the Consumer immediately upon receipt of the product/or receipt of the notice of cancellation within the meaning of the above laws, but no later than within 14 days of becoming aware of the cancellation.
6.8. The refund will be based on the same payment method used in the original transaction, unless the Consumer explicitly consents to another payment method; the Consumer will not be charged any additional costs as a result of the application of this refund method.
6.9. The Consumer shall not return the goods without undue delay, but in any event within 14 days of sending notice of cancellation to the Service Provider or returning them to the Service Provider to the address provided.
6.10. The Service Provider does not have to repay the extra cost to the Consumer if the Consumer chooses a different delivery method that is not the cheapest delivery method.
6.11. The procedure for enforcing the right of cancellation:
If the Consumer wishes to enforce the right of cancellation, then they need to send the declaration about the intention of their cancellation to one of the contact details of the Service Provider. The Consumer shall exercise their right of cancellation within the time limit if they send the declaration of cancellation within 14 days after receiving the product.
In case of notification by post, the date of posting, in case of notification by email or fax, the time of sending the email or fax will be taken into account.
7. Warranties and liabilities
7.1. Defective product(s)
If the supplier fails to deliver a product that meets the quality requirements set out in the contract, The Customer may exercise the following liability claims: request repair or replacement (unless the fulfilment of the Customer 's choice would be impossible or disproportionate in relation to the order); pro-rata reduction in relation to the expense of the defect; or may terminate the contract.
The customer is liable to report the defect immediately after recognition, but within two weeks of recognition. The product needs to be returned in its original packing including the invoice. The warranty is void in case the product was mishandled, and in case it was sold as a “defective product”.
7.2. Product warranty
The product warranty can be enforced by the Consumer two years from the time of placing on the market. The right to exercise the product warranty is lost after this deadline. The defect of the product shall be proved by the User in case of claiming the product warranty.
8. Complaint handling procedures
8.1. The purpose of our website is to fulfil all orders in good quality and to the customer's full satisfaction. If the User still has any complaints regarding the contract or its performance, he/she may submit his/her complaint to the above telephone, email address or letter.
8.2. The Service Provider shall promptly investigate the oral complaint and remedy it as necessary. If the Consumer disagrees with the handling of the complaint, or the complaint is not immediately investigated, the Service Provider shall promptly record the complaint and its position regarding the complaint and provide a copy thereof to the Consumer.
8.3. he Service Provider shall respond in writing within 30 days. It shall state the reasons for its rejection of the complaint. A record of the complaint and a copy of the response shall be retained by the Service Provider for a period of five years and shall be provided to the control authorities upon request.
8.4. You are informed that in the event of your complaint being rejected, your complaint may be initiated by an official or conciliation body.
8.5. In the event of a complaint, the Consumer has the option of contacting a conciliation body.
8.6. The conciliation body is competent for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes. It is the task of the conciliation body to attempt to reach a settlement between the parties for the purpose of resolving consumer disputes, failing which it will decide on the matter in order to ensure the simple, expeditious, effective and cost-effective enforcement of consumer rights. The conciliation body shall, at the request of the Consumer or the Service Provider, advise on the Consumer's rights and obligations.
8.7. If the consumer does not seek recourse to a conciliation body or the procedure is unsuccessful, the consumer has the option of going to court.
The lawsuit must be filed with a letter of formal notice containing the following information:
- the court of law;
- the names of the parties and representatives of the parties, their place of residence and legal status;
- the right to enforce, by presenting the underlying facts and their evidence;
- the data from which the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the court can be established;
- a definitive request for a court decision.
The application must be accompanied by a document and a copy of it which is referred to as evidence.