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Save Kovačevića 57, Ada, Serbia
About Us

After World War II, my grandfather came across with an inoperable hand knitting machine which he repaired and started making sweaters from decomposed used socks. This was a starting point for a family business from which the KOOI Knit brand grew through 3 generations.
I am Kornél Boldizsár, ​the founder of KOOI.
In 2000, at the age of 23, I dreamed of designing and manufacturing multicolored, unique, fun knit products. As a child I played with yarn which created a strong bond between us, which still lasts.
Nowadays, a multi-person design team creates knitted garments made from natural materials in our own factory.

Our target customers are those who love cheerful diversity of colors and are refreshed wearing our clothes, breaking the greyness of everyday life.

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