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Just over sixty years ago, in the small town of Ada in northern Serbia, Kornel Boldižar’s grandparents had a dream.

What started with the idea of spinning yarn from recycled textiles eventually grew into a knitwear business, strong enough to sustain one generation and inspire the next, and the one after. In 2006, Kornel, then 29, took over the business, committed to turning one shop and two obsolete knitting machines into a fresh, modern streetwear brand. It would soon grow faster than its ability to finance its own growth. The 2011/2012 collection would be the turning point, firmly establishing KOOI-KNIT on the domestic market, but also creating export opportunities.

Today, KOOI-KNIT has two manufacturing facilities to keep up with demand. Not to mention three stores in Serbia’s largest cities as well as distributors in Austria, Germany, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the time of the loan Kornel employed 50 people; he now expects to create around 20 more jobs. KOOI-KNIT’s original designs are finding more and more fans, and Kornel and his creative team know that the best is yet to come.



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